Thursday, 29 April 2010

What the hell have I been doing?!

A question I ask myself quite a lot really. Productivity at low due to general life chaos. But last week I got stuck in to sculpting in order to try out polymer clay. And things came together rather quickly really! :) Tried a bit of Fimo but this figure is actually done in Cernit after Tre Manor raved about it on Frothers. Bit of a bugger to photograph due to the dark clay, the slight translucency and its tendecy to attract dust. The gun looks a bit of a mess as I really should have sculpted it in epoxy putty so had to tidy things up with milliput, but it'll look fine in metal anyway.

Oh, and this is a sneak preview of one of the release figures for my secret project!

Mei-Lin Mayfair, Hong Kong Security Agent:

30.5mm to her eyes, 33mm tall.